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Woman Watches – Great Gifts For All Occasions!

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Not Sure What To Give Your Sweetheart For Christmas or This Valentine’s Day, Anniversary or any other special occasions? What About A Lovely Woman Watch?

You can find many beautiful woman watches to charm your lover at!

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Elegant Woman Watches

Elegant Woman Watches

Watches are worn these days not just for the purpose of telling the time but they are accessories to match the ladies’ outfits as well as to enhance their elegance. You cannot go wrong by giving her a beautiful watch for Valentine’s Day or even any other special occasions. No woman will not be charmed by it and that is most probably the reason why woman watches are so saleable on Valentine’s Day!

Since woman watches are so highly sought after during the Valentine season and all year round too, you will be able to select an ideal one for your special someone through wholesalers or retailers. If you prefer to see and feel the exact watch for yourself before buying, you may choose to buy from a brick and mortar shop. However, with the busy schedule led by most people these days, shopping for such watches for women are very commonly done online. When you do a search on the internet, you may be overwhelmed by the numerous designs, make and prices of the various models of ladies’ watches. With so many choices available, you will have no problem getting one that is most suitable for your special someone.

To ease your task at making a suitable selection, let me know introduce to you just some of the more appealing designs for ladies.

Eye-Catching Ladies Gold Watch

Eye-Catching Ladies Gold Watch

Geneve 14k Yellow Gold Diamond Ladies Watch OG-602
This elegant ladies gold watch gives the wearer a very sophisticated look, especially if matched with a long black evening dress. Your sweetheart will definitely love one of these ladies gold watches.

Special features of the watch include the following:
•    set in 14k yellow gold case and bracelet
•    there are 36 diamond bezel forming two rows at the two sides of the clock face
•    has a yellow two-tone dial
•    case diameter is 23mm
•    Quartz movement
•    foldover clasp
•    also comes with a two-year warranty

Ladies Titanium Watch

Ladies Titanium Watch

Danish Design Ladies Titanium Watch IV64Q753
This watch is fast gaining popularity because of its unique appearance. Some special features you can find in this watch are as follows:
• Bracelet-like with titanium case
• Quartz movement
• Water resistance for up to about 30m
• Dial is black
• Material used has crystal included
• Made from Danish
• Even comes with a 2 year Jomashop Warranty

Elini Women’s Nazar Diamond Red Leather Watch RD782TOPRD

Red Leather Ladies Watch

Red Leather Ladies Watch

This ladies watch caught my eye not just because of its unique flower design in the middle of the clock face but also because of the bright red leather strap which is very outstanding. The price is also very affordable so it is a very good buy but the wearer should not be someone who is very timid in character.

Some special features of the Elini Women’s Nazar Diamond Red Leather Watch:
•    It has a stainless steel casing so you do not have to worry about it turning rusty quickly
•    Strap is bright red in color
•    In order to ensure that the clock face is scratch-proof, the clock face cover is made of scratch resistant sapphire crystal
•    Swiss Quartz movement
•    Water resistance of up to 165 feet
•    Purchase also comes with a 2 year warranty

Heart-shaped Ladies Watch

Heart-shaped Ladies Watch

Piaget Limelight Funny Heart Ladies Watch GOA29131
This is a very unique and suitable watch that will definitely charm your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day or on any other special occasion such as anniversary. The heart-shaped clock face symbolizes your love for her and she will be very touched by your gift.

•    18k white gold heart-shaped case
•    Black satin strap
•    Grey mother of pear dial
•    Scratch resistant sapphire crystal
•    Quartz movement
•    Fixed diamond bezel
•    Silver tone hands
•    Folding clasp
•    2 years warranty from

The above are just creative Valentine’s day ideas that you can make use of on this special occasion. In fact, woman watches such as sports watches, ladies gold watches and diving watches are very good gifts that you can give to a lady for any special occasions and if you want more romantic anniversary ideas and gifts, you can check out “1st Wedding Anniversary Ideas” for some suggestions. After getting the watch, you may also want to spend some time on gift wrapping the watch so that it gives a personal touch. If you surf online, you will be able to get many gift wrap ideas and you can even learn how to make the gift wrapping paper yourself to make your special gift even more personal. Watches will make wonderful gifts and they need not necessarily be very expensive too as you can easily surf for best deals for ladies’ watches or keep a look out for watches coupons to get special discounts.

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  • Some nice articles here, and a nice selection of women’s watches. Thanks for sharing. I particularly like the Geneve 14k Yellow Gold Diamond Ladies Watch, classy.

  • I am looking a gift to give to my wife for our renewal of vowels in Italy and I think a watch would be great. Is this a good or bad idea?

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    hi Tuscany wedding,
    getting a watch for your wife is definitely a great idea! It signifies spending eternal time with each other.

  • I have never worn watches my whole life, I don’t know why, I just never saw a purpose. I always had my cell phone for the time or would be able to spot a clock where ever I went. I was at a gathering the other night and fell in love with one of my friend’s watches. I liked it for the fashion, not because I can look at my wrist to see the time. Have been searching for a fashionable watch for myself ever since. Love these watches!

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    Some of these are nice watches for ladies, but MAN are they ridiculously expensive. I mean seriously, who will pay $5,000+ for a watch?! You seriously have to be rich. Even then, I couldn’t imagine it being worth that much just for a watch. Hmm… Well, nonetheless they were nice looking watches.

  • Most women are flattered by the gesture of someone giving them jewelry or a watch. Now if you can combine both, like jewelry in a watch is fantastic. But most women are particular about what they wear, how it looks. It should be according to their liking. This way it narrows down the number of watches we have to choose from. This is difficult as well. My lady is happy to get a watch for any occasion or no occasion. Thank you for posting.

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    Gifting a watch to your girlfriend is a great thing as they would use it all the time when they move out and you would always be missed by her whenever she looks at them. :)

  • Some nice articles here, and a nice selection of women’s watches. Thanks for sharing. I particularly like the Geneve 14k Yellow Gold Diamond Ladies Watch, classy.

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